800 Carlyle

Alexandria Symphony Orchestra: Music to Your Ears


Founded in 1954, the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra has grown into a nationally respected organization that not only presents top-tier classical music performances, but also works to blur the lines between high and low art, classical and popular culture with a number of extremely well-received programs. In 2002, the orchestra moved to the newly-constructed Schlesinger Center in the Seminary West neighborhood; an easy ride from the apartments at 800 Carlyle. The Symphony Orchestra stages eight regular concerts each year—five are unique programs drawing from a wide variety of composers; one is the annual Alexandria Birthday Concert, accompanied by fireworks on the Saturday after the 4th of July; one is the well-attended Holiday Concert; and the last is the Children’s Arts Festival, a massive themed celebration every June that attempts to bring the wonder of orchestral music to a new generation of audiences. The Symphony also runs a number of excellent educational programs, including a renowned mentoring program for high school students.

Alexandria Symphony Orchestra
2121 Eisenhower Ave # 608
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-0885