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See Alexandria’s First Craft Cidery!


Looking for a new, fun beverage experience in Alexandria? Stop by Lost Boy Cider, Alexandria’s first homegrown craft cidery, which opened this summer!

According to Lost Boy’s website, cider has been a popular drink throughout history. After the Romans invaded what is now England, Julius Caesar was allegedly so captivated by cider that it became one of his favorite drinks. And the pilgrims brought a cider press with them on the Mayflower and used its press screw to repair a broken mast after a bad storm.

Lost Boy celebrates all things cider. It creates hand-crafted ciders using real apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapples, and spices. The fermentation process ensures nearly all of the apples’ residual sugar is gone by the time it hits your glass. Be sure to try Lost Boy’s line of heritage ciders, which are aged in tequila, gin, and Kentucky bourbon barrels.

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Lost Boy Cider

317 Hooffs Run Drive

Alexandria, Virginia